About Us

Isham Broadway Pharmacy was established in 1989 with a commitment to be an industry leader by anticipating customer needs. We endeavor to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing experience and accountability you can rely on.

Every day, we continue to earn our reputation for the accurate and timely dispensing of medication orders. We consistently meet the daily needs of the individuals we serve, with the customization and flexibility our clients demand and deserve.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding your Prescriptions, medication or refills. Ask to speak with a registered pharmacist to ask health-related questions.

The Pharmacist is trained to answer your questions, arrange prescription refills, etc. Most of the time a registered Pharmacist will speak to you personally, to answer your questions regarding over the counter medications, side-effects, drug-drug and drug-food interactions, driving and drowsiness, the importance of natural vitamin supplements, cough, cold and allergies during winter and summer months.

If you are in a hurry to catch a plane or going on vacation, have your Physician contact us or e-prescribe and you will be surprised to see that your prescriptions are ready! No long lines, no confusion, no frustration!
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“Give us 30 minutes and we'll have your Rx ready for you”

Contact our pharmacy and drugstore in New York, New York, to experience our fast, accurate, and friendly service.